Guild History

In the beginning, there was only darkness. From this darkness, two powerful beings strode forth. History has called them many names, but their followers called them Balor and Assassin.

Over time, man was born, and these two beings took their rightful places as destroyers of mankind.

These two beings entered into a realm known to men as Yserbius. Using powers that no mortal will ever understand, these two beings ravaged the realm of Yserbius.

These beings were not stupid, however... They realized that some men deserved the right to survive, and to crush their brethren. Thus Balor and Assassin created TheMercs, a band of seekers who were touched by Godly magic, and who's only purpose was to dominate all humanity. TheMercs crushed all other guilds that dared oppose them, such as Soul Brigade, KAAOS, DarkSide, Berserker, and countless others. They were indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Balor and Assassin were, unfortunately, watched over by even greater powers. Seeing the destruction being wrought upon their creation, the pagan Gods of Yserbius screamed to these powers. Not wanting to remove the powers of destruction from the world, but also wanting to appease their own creations... these powers handed over Assassin's powers to Balor, who at first appearence, was a weak mage, uncapable of the mass slaughter's wrought in the past. They were quite wrong...

As he destroyed the Realm of Yserbius, solitary now, yet not quite powerless, Balor came upon another Destroyer, known as Thyrm.

Thyrm was relatively new to Yserbius, and both decided that together, they could finally finish off the realm..

Since the destruction of Assassin, and Balor's desire for more covert destruction, many goodie and wuss guilds had formed... one of the better known being KOY (Kowards of Yserbius ;) They had about 300 members and were lead by a man called Rainstorm.

Thyrm expressed disgust about the current situation, and did not think any of the so-called "Evil guilds" were doing the job that needed to be done.

Upon hearing of TheMercs one night, in a conversation with Balor, Thyrm besought Balor for the destructive powers of Assassin. Balor agreed, and under his ingenious tutilage, the fate of all worlds was sealed.

Rumors and gossip began to spread of the resurrection of pure overt destruction, and soon there were many "self-proclaimed heroes" who wanted to stop this force of evil, before they obtained too much power.

Soon, two more men joined the ranks of TheMercs, they were Assailant, and Jachyra (a former KAAOS'er, who was kicked for being "too outta control"). Using his Godly magics, Balor passed his powers on to them, too, upsetting the balance in Yserbius with several powers seeking destruction, and few seeking rejuvination.

Anyhow, these four GODS crushed all opposition, and soon the mere mention of TheMercs struck fear into the heart of mere mortals. There was an ensuing Guild War between KOY and TheMercs, although it was short-lived.

TheMercs devised a plan to drive an already frail leader of KOY, over the edge of insanity. The aforementioned Rainstorm. They used many treacherous tactics, which we wont mention here.. and successfully drove Rainstorm out of Yserbius, and completely and utterly destroyed the MASSIVE but weak guild known as KOY! ;x

Despite their obvious parallel goals, Gods of Destruction cannot look from their sought after powers..

Very soon, a God-War broke out, with Assailant siding with Balor to remove Thyrm, and strengthen his own power. Priests warred, magics rocked the land, and Assailant was slain. Balor, however, could not be beaten, but was taken aback by a mortal woman, whom many called Lady China.

Ignoring the ongoing battle, Balor handed the reigns of Mercs over to Thyrm, and disappeared into the tunnels of love.

After the God War, Yserbius was in shambles. Heroes came and went, and evil was easily able to insert it's roots into the land again.

The guild thrived, and defeated the few fools who would dare oppose them, growing to about 40 members of maxxed, select fighters in the process.

With the destruction of KOY, the departure of KAAOS to NWN, and the deportation of many Yserbians to other, less costly realms, Mercs began to grow weary of the current stomping ground.

Thyrm tried to manage what was left of the guild in the wake of this corporate apocalypse. He looked in vain for a new home for TheMercs.

First he went to NWN, and found a shoddy 16 color game infested with hackers. Needless to say his visit was short-lived.

Thyrm returned to INN and his visits became few and far between. He even had to take the guild back from traitors a few times, but it never took more then a day or two ;).

Then one day, Thyrm heard of a new land called DSO..(Dark Sun Online) which was an AD&D based VGA game based on Wake of the Ravager being beta-tested on TEN (the Total Entertainment Network).

He instantly knew this would be the ideal home for his elite guild.

Many had arrived before him, and many would follow, and many would disappear. Despite it all, TheMercs are repeating history and are once again the strongest, most powerful, ultimately evil guild in the land in which they have chosen to conquer.

And again, they are the first REAL guild in this new realm.

For a long while, Balor's whereabouts were unknown, and Thyrm had lost contact with him. No one knew if he would come to DSO, or never be seen again. But irregardless, everyone could be sure that TheMercs would thrive, and their savage appetites would continue to be satisfied by the souls of their many victims.

But, Fates are never kind... Balor entered the realm of Athas with (as always) little fanfare. Slipping his immortal self back into TheMercs, Balor is again one of the most dangerous beings in the guild.

TheMercs set out, and again destroyed what was left of Athas (which had been annihilated by one of Balor's minions, a mutant dragon created for the terrain). And, once again, Mercs were forced to seek a new realm to destroy....

And remember, if ya can't beat em, worship em! ;)