The Graveyard

The Graveyard, the Cemetary, The Holy House of the Dead, although referred to by many different names they all indicate places such as this. This is where the DEAD are buried and left to rot.

TheMercs Graveyard is no exception. Here lay all the guilds we've swatted down like insects in the past. All the brave intentions and shallow proclamations from deceased guilds are buried here, as forgotten as the fools who made them.

The only thing left of these guilds is the home which we offer them here amongst our other dead. Their only lasting impact is serving as fertilizer for the dirt, in our graveyard. Once loud and assured warriors, now quiet corpses whose greatest remaining legacy is that their names are etched here among the other fallen would-be saviors.

And this, their final mercy, is granted them by their Merc heroes.


The Yserbius victims

:: KOY (Kingdom of Yserbius)
:: TOY (Twilight of Yserbius)
:: POY (Paraplegics of Yserbius)
:: SOY (Soldiers of Yserbius)
:: Berserkers
:: Nomads


The Dark Sun Online victims

:: GOS (Guild of the Serpent)
:: AG (Athas Giants)
:: AOA (Aegis of Athas)
:: ABK (Army of the Blood Keep, reformed in UO as BCK)
:: WM (Wasteland Marauders)
:: GOD
:: LOD (Lords of Darkness)
:: Co1 (Circle of One)
:: MDS
:: AOD


The Ultima Online victims

:: The Coalition (An alliance of various guilds)
:: The Dominion (Fuckhead allies)
:: AOD (Not associated with the first one, same result)

Although we did fight alot more guilds than this, with the separate servers in Ultima Online, fleeing to a new shard was always an option for the loser. Atlantic had some good opponents, and though we often got the better of alot of them, they just had too much pride (or stupidity) to throw in the towel and disband. We congratulate you. ;)


The EverQuest Victims

:: Anyone stupid enough to play that piece of shit game

The Asheron's Call Victims

:: ThePluggers (Came back AFTER we left the game)
:: CovetousCrew ("Wait, we're not here as a guild!")
:: SiNister - up and down main street, all day long, twice on sundays.
:: Pretty much anyone who challenged TM while we were active in the game.

Did we disband these guilds permanently? Unfortunately, no. We did, however, force them from the server until our presence was long gone.